Philips Sonicare

Based off of the sound technology developed in the 80s, the Sonicare model toothbrush models by Philips show a combined optimization in both cleaning teeth as well as improving the oral health in those who use it. With movements of 31,000 per minute back and forth motions, a duet of wide bristles and high frequency shows the results. The teeth and gum line is effectively cleaned with an oxygen rich liquid created from the mixture of saliva and toothpaste. This liquid passes through the movements of the brush into hard to reach areas, creating a dynamic cleaning combo of cleansing and cleaning liquid.

Advanced Features

Though it comes with a higher price tag, the Philips Hx9332 Sonicare toothbrush represents itself with two brush heads. One of the more luxurious features of this toothbrush is the charging capabilities that it presents. Whether you are traveling or at home, you will have the choice of different energy efficient charging methods including, USB charging case, multi-voltage charger, and even a charge glass is available to restore power to the lithium-ion battery.

Offering a chic look, the charge glass is an innovative and creative in the charging process. Connecting to a socket, you just set the toothbrush in the glass and the charging process begins. The keyword in this process for the electrical engineers would be ‘Induction’. This charging process is straightforward and quite simple, charging the battery without any direct contact.

As if the charging glass wasn’t enough, Philips also presents the USB charging case for travel charging.  This case stores the Sonicare Hx9332 safely, while offering an adapter for outlet charge, or direct charge from a USB port on your laptop or other ports within convenience to you. This is a practical charging method for travel, given that you wouldn’t even have to remove your toothbrush from its case to effectively charge it while traveling. Added to the charging features of the Hx9332, they have developed a timer to inform the user of length of use. You are able to set 30 second signals in order to effectively clean for the dentist recommended times.

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Clean and Smooth

The Hx9332 offers a rubberized grip, offering the user ease and firm hold. However, with a small point of criticism, there is a single button that operates as the on/off as well as mode setting. The operation of it is still quite simplistic. Once it is pressed to turn on, you shuffle through the mode that you want with repeated presses. The single button is a design that was intended for use while it is already in the user’s mouth, otherwise you may find yourself squirting toothpaste on the mirror.

Through testing, despite the button conflict, have all proven that the Hx9332 is the ideal toothbrush for all of the major categories of oral care. All five offered settings, Sensitive, Gum Care, White, Clean, and Polish have presented a clean and fresh look and feel. The standard, and recommended, setting being ‘Clean’ that is exactly what you will get with the Philips Sonicare Hx9332