Managing Children’s hair

Here are a few tips on combing your child’s hair:

  • The comb that you use should be a wide-tooth comb, when combing dry hair. Avoid using anything that has tiny teeth, as these can snag.
  • Work from the ends of the hair upwards, using fingers to help with the untangling.
  • Begin at the nape of the neck, since this is the area that tends to get tangled the most.
  • If you run into any bad snarls, the last thing you want is to get them wet, which will make things worse. However, they can be sprayed with either regular conditioner (a Children’s brand), or spray the snarls with a detangler. Once sprayed, holding those strains of hair up by the roots, comb the snarls out (gently).


Tricks of the trade:

For that first time haircut, take your child in after he/she wakes from a nap, as this will be during a period of time that the child will feel happy and more alert. Be sure to ask for a stylist that is comfortable around kids!

Never speak to the stylist about certain things in front of the child (such as the way they fidget). Also, it would be a good idea to take along your child’s favorite book, or it can be their favorite toy instead.

Let the stylist know you would like for them to begin at the edges, such as the ear area, bangs, and the neck (this is just in case they do not get to finish the job). It is also a good idea to allow the child to watch in the mirror as the stylist works, and ask them to go kind of slow, explaining as they move along what it is they are doing to their hair.

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