Is the Pulsonic Slim worth the money?

The Pulsonic Slim is a great sonic toothbrush from Oral-B and it comes at a decent price as well. It has well over 27,000 oscillations in a minute. It has great pulsation and rotation movements for a professional care series. The brush head is elongated which looks similar to a regular toothbrush. The Pulsonic Slim goes from tooth to tooth as a light classic movement. The system works great especially when it is used with the right type of toothpaste. The sound of the brush is a bit more like a vibration on a cell phone and a while back it was more expensive than the rotating competitors. The Pulsonic Slim has finally arrived but whether or not it is a quality electric toothbrush has yet to be seen.

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The Pulsonic Slim is just as the name suggests. It is a slim toothbrush. The shape looks similar to a regular toothbrush but it is slimmer than other models. When taken out of the package, it comes with a lightweight charging station. For this price, you will have to go without a carrying case or storage option for any additional heads. The SmartGuide is also not included.

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This toothbrush only has basic features. It does have an additional cleaning mode besides the normal cleaning. It comes with Sensitive mode. A lot of people have stated that sensitive gums and electric toothbrushes do not go well. There is an extra soft toothbrush head for this toothbrush, and it works well with the sensitive mode. It has a 2-minute timer and 3 small LED lights. These help to tell you about what cleaning mode you are in and if the battery is being charged. It doesn’t show whenever your battery is fully charged.  The oscillations of this toothbrush are behind the leading competitors.

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The design of the Pulsonic Slim is very pleasant. It is not only stylish, but it is practical. It fits easily into most hands. When compared to other types of electric toothbrushes, it is easy to use and great for travel. There isn’t a rubber grip like some models, but the plastic on the back is somewhat ribbed to give you that grip you need.

It is built with a timer, so you will get a full 2-minute brushing in, with 30 second intervals that let you know to move to the next area of the mouth. It also has the two brushing modes which is sensitive and cleaning. It works for your day to day cleaning.

When using it, it is quieter than other toothbrushes. You only hear a light buzzing, comparable to a cell phone. Now it does take a bit to get used to the sonic feel of the toothbrush. Once you are used to using it, it becomes almost a second nature. The clean that you get is beyond compare as it makes your teeth feel clean and smooth, and it leaves you with a very pleasant feeling in your mouth.

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Dasgro Hair Growth

Hair loss is a problem that both men and women face all over the world, and for every individual that suffers from thinning or loss of hair, there is a home remedy or product on the market that claims to hold the answer. Fact is, there is no fast grow miracle mixture to grow hair overnight. Though it would be nice to cure baldness while we sleep, we have to seek out some of these endless products that claim to help. Chemicals, all natural ingredients, pills, salves, creams, lotions, and other ridiculous methods exist in bulk with these treatments. A lot of the treatments carry heavy side effects and unfavorable results.

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About Dasgro

A little about this product is that it uses a strong natural ingredient combination with a low chemical boost. The company proudly backs their product with a 90-day money back guarantee. It is not often that a bad product is marketed with a such a lengthy chance for consumers to explore it. The product itself is manufactured in an FDA approved facility and the process of use for this product is quite simple.

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This product is a vitamin that you are to take daily in order to revitalize the dying and weakened hair follicles on your head. They claim to be a product that holds no side effects and all natural. However, they have been recently proven to hold non natural ingredients. That being said, it is still a strongly natural ingredient and vitamin based supplement that has been proven to work in most of the consumers that have tried this product.

The Pros and Cons

The pros of this product are actually quite vast, it has been proven to work. Not in every consumer that has used it, but there will never be a sure fire way to spark the growth of hair. Within weeks of using the products there is noticeable reduction of hair loss when you shower and wake up. They do hold a strong base of natural ingredients and vitamins that have been researched and proven to aid in the growth rate of hair.

The 90-day money back guarantee is a definite pro to this product, knowing that there is a product on market that is backed with the assurance that there won’t be any loss other than time of trial in using this product is comforting to the consumer who has tried everything to lose several hundred dollars with nothing to show for it.

The cons of this product is that though it is made in a facility that is FDA approved, the product itself is not FDA approved. That doesn’t mean the product itself is bad or should suffer because of this, it just implies that the people who are obsessed with only using FDA approved products will be iffy on Dasgro.

All natural ingredients are advertised on their site, bottle, and statements, therefore you expect all natural ingredients. That being said, they have been proven to not be 100% all natural and that has raised some concerns in buyers while the product itself is still proven to be effective with little to no side effects reported.

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