Managing Children’s hair

Here are a few tips on combing your child’s hair:

  • The comb that you use should be a wide-tooth comb, when combing dry hair. Avoid using anything that has tiny teeth, as these can snag.
  • Work from the ends of the hair upwards, using fingers to help with the untangling.
  • Begin at the nape of the neck, since this is the area that tends to get tangled the most.
  • If you run into any bad snarls, the last thing you want is to get them wet, which will make things worse. However, they can be sprayed with either regular conditioner (a Children’s brand), or spray the snarls with a detangler. Once sprayed, holding those strains of hair up by the roots, comb the snarls out (gently).


Tricks of the trade:

For that first time haircut, take your child in after he/she wakes from a nap, as this will be during a period of time that the child will feel happy and more alert. Be sure to ask for a stylist that is comfortable around kids!

Never speak to the stylist about certain things in front of the child (such as the way they fidget). Also, it would be a good idea to take along your child’s favorite book, or it can be their favorite toy instead.

Let the stylist know you would like for them to begin at the edges, such as the ear area, bangs, and the neck (this is just in case they do not get to finish the job). It is also a good idea to allow the child to watch in the mirror as the stylist works, and ask them to go kind of slow, explaining as they move along what it is they are doing to their hair.

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Issues with Children’s hair

Now and again you may run into an issue with your child’s hair, such as the gum they had in their mouth when they fell asleep the night before. Needless to say, although they still had it when they woke up, it was no longer in their mouth, but in their hair.

The following is going to be beneficial if it should happen to your child:

Instead of grabbing for the scissors if this should happen to your child, grab for the peanut butter, or the vegetable oil. Using your fingers is fine, however, some may want to use a toothbrush instead (being messy and all), cover the gummed hair completely with either the peanut butter or some vegetable oil, now let set for about five minutes. Now it will be easy for you to remove the gum from your child’s hair. The only thing that needs to be done now, is to give your child’s hair a good shampooing.

Note: The vegetable oil is the better thing to go with should the gum also be in the child’s eyebrows and/or eyelashes.

Another issue you might be unfortunate enough to run into, is glue getting into your child’s hair. Glue can be removed using a conditioner. You will first want to wet the child’s hair, and then apply some conditioner to the area of the hair that has the glue in it. This will need to set and soak into the glue and hair about twenty minutes. After which, you can simply comb the glue out of the hair with a comb.

Note: Depending on the type of glue, you may have to resort to using baby oil instead.

How Children Can Avoid Tooth Decay

It isn’t too early to begin encouraging good dental hygiene for your little ones. Your child’s teeth are at risk for dental decay as soon as they come through the gums. The good news is that tooth decay is preventable. Below are some easy guidelines to follow for caring for your children’s teeth.

From birth to 1-year-old, you should wipe your baby’s gums with a clean gauze or baby washcloth. Whenever the first tooth shows up, then using water and a baby toothbrush, clan the surface. Cleaning them after breakfast and before bed.

For children 1 year to 2 years use child sized toothbrush with non-fluoridated toothpaste brush their teeth, unless a fluoridated toothpaste is recommended, it is best to use a child’s toothpaste.

You should angle the brush at 40 degrees to their gums and move the brush back and forth gently. Brush all teeth surfaces. To brush the inner surface, tilt the brush vertically, brush it up and down. Brush the tongue as well.

Flossing is important as well. Be sure that you are curving the floss into a C shape and move the floss up and down while keeping it pressed to the tooth. Floss all of the teeth.

Flossing needs to be started when there are 2 teeth touching each other which is around 2+ years old. When a child is able to brush by age 6, they will have trouble flossing. Purchasing a floss holder can help until they are about 10 years old.

Be sure that you are setting a good example by taking care of your own teeth. You and your child can begin to brush and floss together. This helps to show them that dental hygiene isn’t a choice, but it can be a great activity for bonding for you and your child.

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Help Prevent Your Baby From Getting Tooth Decay

It has been shown in several different studies that a baby’s first two years is related to tooth decay. It is this first two years of their life that they need a good diet, good food intake habits, and their teeth need to be brushed two to three times daily to help in preventing tooth decay. Parents should encourage their child to begin brushing on their own once they reach three years of age.

The (AAP) American Academy of Pediatrics has given the following information on preventing tooth decay.

Some of the causes for tooth decay in babies are:

When a parent or caregiver share the same spoons, or drinks behind one another, and even when they are testing a food for its hotness before feeding it to the baby, and especially, cleaning their pacifier by putting it in their own mouth, and then putting it back in the baby’s mouth, can be passing bacteria by means of their saliva. Your baby can get tooth decay from having their teeth and gums exposed for long periods of time to any liquids or foods (excluding water). Also, you should only give your baby milk when it is meal time.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Never give your baby a bottle when you are putting your baby down to sleep!
  • You should not let your baby use a sippy cup as if it were a pacifier.
  • Ask your local water company if your water is fluoridated (your baby needs to have fluoridated water).
  • Never put your baby to bed with a bottle of milk, as this contributes to tooth decay and also, rotting of the gums.

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How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair Using Shampoo

Having oily hair to extremes can certainly be a problem to take care of. Besides that, hair treatment supplies have become so many that it has become really hard to know which one is the best one to use. Making a decision on which of the many different treatments available that one should use is now harder than ever to decide upon. You can reduce all this tension by simply using the very next product you come across. An appealing consequence is that one could began alternating the hair products in which they use. This article is to converse on the best shampoo to use for oily hair, and a majority of the information used comes from a site called shampoos for oily hair.

For additional oil get Micro Pearl Hair Care by J.F. Lazartique

This company supplies the most effective products for those who accumulate a lot of sebum in their hair. Their products are exclusively designed to accommodate this type of affliction. Their products can be optimized by when used on the scalp a certain number of minutes before rinsing. The cost of these products range around $36.00. Although the price is a bit on the high side, it is something one should consider checking into if they are serious about getting extremely oily hair problems taken care of.

Suave’s Daily Clarifying Lather for hair therapy

For a much lower cost you can get an end result that is superior by using Suave’s daily Clarifying products. These products are almost always available in all stores and they do the trick. Suave products are designed so that they do not strip the natural follicles of the hair and the hair follicles train its dampness for healthier hair. Also, these products keep the oil balance in the scalp and is great for those with thinner hair.

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Finally, the best shampoo for oily hair

If you are having problems with your hair having an over excessive amount of oil building up, take into consideration the manufacturers of products and the possibility of those products producing substances that cause this to occur. Ask yourself, “What is it that makes this shampoo work? Does this oily hair shampoo claim to balance out the substances and make them harmonize together on the scalp, and without causing any destruction to the hair follicles themselves? With repeated use of this shampoo, does it leave your hair-strands more manageable and healthy?” Also ask yourself, “Does this shampoo continue to make your hair manageable, making it workable for you?”

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Is the Pulsonic Slim worth the money?

The Pulsonic Slim is a great sonic toothbrush from Oral-B and it comes at a decent price as well. It has well over 27,000 oscillations in a minute. It has great pulsation and rotation movements for a professional care series. The brush head is elongated which looks similar to a regular toothbrush. The Pulsonic Slim goes from tooth to tooth as a light classic movement. The system works great especially when it is used with the right type of toothpaste. The sound of the brush is a bit more like a vibration on a cell phone and a while back it was more expensive than the rotating competitors. The Pulsonic Slim has finally arrived but whether or not it is a quality electric toothbrush has yet to be seen.

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The Pulsonic Slim is just as the name suggests. It is a slim toothbrush. The shape looks similar to a regular toothbrush but it is slimmer than other models. When taken out of the package, it comes with a lightweight charging station. For this price, you will have to go without a carrying case or storage option for any additional heads. The SmartGuide is also not included.

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This toothbrush only has basic features. It does have an additional cleaning mode besides the normal cleaning. It comes with Sensitive mode. A lot of people have stated that sensitive gums and electric toothbrushes do not go well. There is an extra soft toothbrush head for this toothbrush, and it works well with the sensitive mode. It has a 2-minute timer and 3 small LED lights. These help to tell you about what cleaning mode you are in and if the battery is being charged. It doesn’t show whenever your battery is fully charged.  The oscillations of this toothbrush are behind the leading competitors.

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The design of the Pulsonic Slim is very pleasant. It is not only stylish, but it is practical. It fits easily into most hands. When compared to other types of electric toothbrushes, it is easy to use and great for travel. There isn’t a rubber grip like some models, but the plastic on the back is somewhat ribbed to give you that grip you need.

It is built with a timer, so you will get a full 2-minute brushing in, with 30 second intervals that let you know to move to the next area of the mouth. It also has the two brushing modes which is sensitive and cleaning. It works for your day to day cleaning.

When using it, it is quieter than other toothbrushes. You only hear a light buzzing, comparable to a cell phone. Now it does take a bit to get used to the sonic feel of the toothbrush. Once you are used to using it, it becomes almost a second nature. The clean that you get is beyond compare as it makes your teeth feel clean and smooth, and it leaves you with a very pleasant feeling in your mouth.

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Dasgro Hair Growth

Hair loss is a problem that both men and women face all over the world, and for every individual that suffers from thinning or loss of hair, there is a home remedy or product on the market that claims to hold the answer. Fact is, there is no fast grow miracle mixture to grow hair overnight. Though it would be nice to cure baldness while we sleep, we have to seek out some of these endless products that claim to help. Chemicals, all natural ingredients, pills, salves, creams, lotions, and other ridiculous methods exist in bulk with these treatments. A lot of the treatments carry heavy side effects and unfavorable results.

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About Dasgro

A little about this product is that it uses a strong natural ingredient combination with a low chemical boost. The company proudly backs their product with a 90-day money back guarantee. It is not often that a bad product is marketed with a such a lengthy chance for consumers to explore it. The product itself is manufactured in an FDA approved facility and the process of use for this product is quite simple.

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This product is a vitamin that you are to take daily in order to revitalize the dying and weakened hair follicles on your head. They claim to be a product that holds no side effects and all natural. However, they have been recently proven to hold non natural ingredients. That being said, it is still a strongly natural ingredient and vitamin based supplement that has been proven to work in most of the consumers that have tried this product.

The Pros and Cons

The pros of this product are actually quite vast, it has been proven to work. Not in every consumer that has used it, but there will never be a sure fire way to spark the growth of hair. Within weeks of using the products there is noticeable reduction of hair loss when you shower and wake up. They do hold a strong base of natural ingredients and vitamins that have been researched and proven to aid in the growth rate of hair.

The 90-day money back guarantee is a definite pro to this product, knowing that there is a product on market that is backed with the assurance that there won’t be any loss other than time of trial in using this product is comforting to the consumer who has tried everything to lose several hundred dollars with nothing to show for it.

The cons of this product is that though it is made in a facility that is FDA approved, the product itself is not FDA approved. That doesn’t mean the product itself is bad or should suffer because of this, it just implies that the people who are obsessed with only using FDA approved products will be iffy on Dasgro.

All natural ingredients are advertised on their site, bottle, and statements, therefore you expect all natural ingredients. That being said, they have been proven to not be 100% all natural and that has raised some concerns in buyers while the product itself is still proven to be effective with little to no side effects reported.

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